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Rescue Manikin with CPR / AED Function

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Pelastusnukke CPR/AED

  • Pelastusnukke CPR/AED
  • Pelastusnukke CPR/AED
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  • Tämä tuote on tilaustuote. Tilaustuotteilla on rajattu palautusoikeus. Tilaustuotteiden osalta palautusta ennen tulee olla yhteydessä asiakaspalveluumme. Perimme asiakkaalta tilaustuotteen käsittelyn omavastuun riippuen tilaustuotteen arvosta. Omavastuuosuuden voi varmistaa asiakaspalvelustamme tilausta tehdessä.

    This product is designed excercises that occur under field conditions where the need is the realistic function and importance of life-sustaining elements to secure the airway and CPR with the opportunity to use the defibrillator.

    • Rescue Doll with CPR function
    • Ability to connect to exercise defibrillators
    • Possibility to use even certain regular defibrillators with Shocklink (sells separately)
    • Adapted for field use
    • Jointed and weighted like a real man
    • Behave like an unconscious person
    • Very durable doll made of environment-friendly heavy leather
    • Double stitching around the mannequin and extra reinforcements in exposed places
    • TÜV certified
    • Very long life
    • Supplied with powerful protective overalls and fixed boots
    • Length: 180cm
    • Weight: 45kg
    • Respiratory Functions :
      • Airway obstruction (head tilt / chin lift)
      • Possibility of ventilation with bag-valve-mask 
      • Realistic raising and lowering of the chest

    Functions with following AED trainers:  HeartStart FRx Trainer, AED Trainer 3, AED Trainer 2 and Heartstart HS1 Trainer.

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