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  1. DURAM 4NE1 pakohuppu
    DURAM 4NE1 escape mask

    A highly compact respiratory protection device, designed specifically to assist firefighters evacuate civilians from high-rise buildings. It is equipped with a breathing unit and a self-adjusting strap for maximum comfort and usability and has CE certification. The 4NE1 offers short-term protection of the respiratory system. It is designed to protect against toxic atmosphere, particles and toxic gases such as HCN, HCl, SO2, NO2, C6H12, and tear gas (CS).

    The 4NE1 compact escape mask is meant for practically all civilian (non-industrial) settings and meets the needs of many segments:

    Fire Brigades
    Civilian and Governmental Institutions
    High-Rise Buildings
    Medical - Hospitals and Nursing Homes
    Transportation Ships, Cruise Liners and Aircraft
    Security Organizations

    SKU: DR4NE1
  2. Carry Bag for Duram 4NE1, Orange
    Carry Bag for Duram 4NE1, Orange

    Orange carry bag for Duram MASKITO 4NE1.

    SKU: DRM007
  3. Duram COGO mask
    KIMI PLUS Advanced Chemical Escape Mask

    The KIMI PLUS provides users with short term respiratory protection in scenarios such as chemical spills and chemical warfare, with relatively high levels of hazardous materials. The mask enables quick response and evacuation during emergencies  involving  respiratory  hazard.

    Department time approx. 2-8 weeks.

    SKU: DRM005
  4. Duram COGO mask
    Duram COGO Personal Escape Mask
    A personal respiratory protective device intended for self-rescue during emergency situations where smoke and hazardous fumes are present. The COGO provides users with short-term respiratory protection against smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) inhalation and filters the following gases: HCl, HCN and Propenal. The COGO mask complies with European Standard EN-403 and CE mark.
    SKU: DRM002
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