Personal Protective Equipment

Looking for Personal Protective Equipment to protect you from splashes and particles? With these products you can protect yourself against harmful, infectious agents such as bacteria or viruses. 

These PPE -products can also protect you against seasonal influenza. 

Common misconceptions about valved face masks explained

Check out these Personal Protective Equipment subcategories:
All Face Masks
Surgical Masks
Protective Gowns & Aprons
Protective Visors & Safety Goggles

Contact us via email and request a quote for larger quantities of Personal Protective Equipment like respirators, face masks, overalls, CRP-tests, thermometers, gloves and blankets ...
PPE Items you can find from our store:  Protective PPE Boiler Suits (Coveralls), AntiBacterial Cleansing Wipes, FFP3 (N100) & FFP2 (N95) Face Masks, Alcohol Hand Gels, Disinfectants, Tyvek Suits, Aprons, facemasks, Overshoes, Gloves, Goggles and CRP test. 

Do you know what are the differences between face masks and respirators?
FACE MASKS are usually loose fitting masks for covering nose and mouth. Face masks are designed for one way protection, meaning they usually capture body fluids only leaving the wearer however they do not protect the wearer from incoming fluids or particles.
RESPIRATORS however offer two way protection and they do also filter the air you breath in. Respirators are tight fitting, facial sealing masks which protect the wearer from harmful particles for example bacteria and viruses. FFP2 (=N95) and FFP3 (=N100) protection levels are enough to block out bacteria and viruses from the air.

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*Products that contain alcohol, can only be shipped inside of EU

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