Protective Gowns and Aprons

Protective Isolation Gowns and Aprons suitable for medical use! 

Protective gowns are equipped with sleeves and and with ties on the back of the neck. Elastic, and splash resistant material. 

Disposable aprons offers great protection for the user. Disposable aprons are very hygienic to use. 

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  1. TT Tool Pocket L välinetasku
    3M leikkaustakki HP vahvistettu M, pituus 132cm, 28 kpl

    3M Sininen vahvistettu leikkaustakki. Leikkaustakki vahvistettu kalvolla etuosasta ja hihoista kyynärpäihin saakka.

    SKU: MK_7695
  2. Isolation / surgical Gown, blue
    Isolation / surgical Gown, blue
    Disposable isolation gown with long sleeves.
    SKU: MK_14916_PKT
  3. MK_15024_isolationgown_blue
    Isolation Gown, blue, PP + PE
    PP+PE nonwoven disposable gowns. 30GSM with cuffs.
    SKU: MK_15024
  4. Suojatakki hihoilla, Sininen
    Isolation Gown, blue or white
    Disposable isolation gown with long seeves. Full back for complete body coverage. Elastic cuffs plus ties at the neck and waist for a comfortable and secure fit. Not made with natural rubber or latex.
    SKU: MK_14819
4 items
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