FFP2 (N95) Respirators

FFP2 (N95) Respirators offers second highest protection level. Respirator's protection level FFP2 is equilevant to N95 respirator standard. FFP2 / N95 respirators filter out at least 94% of the air impurities. These respirators can also block bacteria and viruses out of the air.

We offer both unventilated and ventilated masks. Common misconception is that ventilated masks are not so safe than unventilated ones, but that is not actually true. Ventilated masks let the hot air to come out from the inside of the respirator and thus reduces the heat and humidity that builds up inside of the N95 respirator. 

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  1. Kingfa FFP2 Respirator, 10 pcs, Disposable
    Kingfa FFP2 Respirator, 10 pcs, Disposable

    High quality respirator from Kingfa

    SKU: MK_15195_10
  2. Uvex 2210 respirator exhalation valve FFP2
    FFP2 respirator with valve, 10 pcs

    FFP2 respirator with valve. The respirator sits tightly on the face thanks to the adjustable nose-piece. 

    SKU: MK_15023_PKT
  3. Uvex 2210 respirator exhalation valve FFP2
    Respirator FFP2, without valve, 20 pcs.

    Respirator FFP2, 20 pcs.

    The FFP2 cup-shaped respirator is designed according to the natural shapes of the face to make it as comfortable as possible. The respirator does not squeeze or apply excessive pressure to the face at any point. With the metal nose pad, the protector can be shaped as suitable and tight as possible.

    The cup-shaped FFP2 protector retains its form perfectly, so it stays tightly on the face even for a longer period of use.

    SKU: MK_mixed_FFP2_kuppi_PKT
3 items
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