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  1. ABO-trol® forte plus (ABO+D) test
    ABO-trol® forte plus (ABO+D) test 30 tests
    ABO-trol® forte plus (ABO+D) rapid test is used to determine blood group from samples.
    SKU: MK_820002
  2. Biosynex Blood hCG raskaustesti
    Biosynex Blood hCG raskaustesti, 10kpl

    Tunnistaa ihmisen istukkahormoonin (hCG), jota muodostuu elimistöön raskauden aikana. Tarkka testi tunnistaa jopa 10 mUI/mL määrän hCG-hormonia verestä.

    HUOM! Vain ammattikäyttöön.

    SKU: BX150920
  3. Cobas h 232 Testiliuska Troponiini  T
    Roche Cardiac T Quanitative for Cobas H 232 System (Test Strip)
    This test supports the diagnosis of patients with suspected myocardial cell damage – in cases of acute coronary syndrome or acute myocardial infarction (AMI, heart attack) for example. It also helps determine infarction size and risk stratification of patients with unstable angina pectoris by detecting minimal damages to the myocardium.
    SKU: R04877772190
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