Quikread CRP for QuikRead 101 Instrument

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QuikRead CRP

  • Description
  • QuikRead CRP test is intended for quantitative measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP) in whole blood, plasma and serum samples with the QuikRead 101 instrument. This simple and robust system gives reproducible results in just a few minutes.

    Measurement of CRP can be helpful in the clinical management of a patient with infection symptoms. CRP is normally present in low concentrations in the blood of healthy people. CRP concentrations are markedly increased in the event of bacterial infection, whereas viral infections normally induce only a modest elevation or no elevation at all.

    QuikRead CRP is a simple test for quantitative measurement of CRP. The system - consisting of a small instrument and a ready-to-use kit - is designed for use in primary healthcare settings.  When the test is performed near the patient, the result is available during patient consultation and can, therefore, guide antibiotic use.

    QuikRead CRP provides you with


    • As accurate as a laboratory test
    • Reproducible CRP result within 8 - 160 mg/l range


    • Result available when needed - in less than 3 minutes

    Ease of use

    • The system is easy to operate, even by non-laboratory personnel
    • Performed on a finger prick blood sample (alternatively serum or plasma sample)
    • Built-in calibration


    • Use: For in vitro diagnostic use
    • Method: Immunoturbidimetric
    • Sample type: Whole blood, serum, plasma
    • Time to result: less than 3 minutes
    • Reading of the result: With QuikRead 101 Instrument 
    • Storage: 2 - 8 °C
    • Additionally needed 
      • QuikRead 101 Instrument 
      • Capillaries
      • Plungers 
      • QuikRead CRP Control 
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