QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb, incl. capillaries and plungers, 50 tests

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QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb

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  • HUOM! Tarvitset testin suorittamiseen QuikRead go -laitteen.

    QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb is a fast and an easy to use test for quantitative determination of C-reactive protein (CRP) values in whole blood, serum and plasma and haemoglobin in whole blood with the QuikRead go instrument. The test gives reliably two results, the wide range CRP and the Hb, from one sample with one analysis.

    Fast and accurate measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP) can be critical in the management of a patient with symptoms of an infection. The easy-to-use QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb test can be performed near the patient, the CRP and Hb results are immediately available. The wide CRP measuring range offers the possibility to use the test as a conventional CRP test to guide the antibiotic treatment decisions in respiratory tract infections but also in situations when low CRP values are of interest, e.g. in neonatal infections.

    With the proven QuikRead quality the QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb is an efficient and reliable tool for point-of-care settings to guide the treatment decisions of healthcare professionals.

    QuikRead go wrCRP+Hb provides you with

    Wide CRP measuring range

    • Other CRP tests are not needed
    • Offers CRP result from whole blood samples from 0.5 up to 300 mg/l and plasma/serum samples from 0.5 up to 180 mg/l
    • Enables use in infections and in various systemic inflammatory diseases e.g. COPD, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis

    Fastest point-of-care CRP test

    • Measurement time only 2 minutes
    • Extended room temperature storage enables immediate use

    One analysis - two results

    • Hb result (50 - 245 g/l) available with CRP result from whole blood samples
    • Adds patient comfort
    • Gives more information for making treatment decisions

    Proven QuikRead quality

    • Excellent performance proven in customer evaluations
    • Wide range of automatic haematocrit correction (15 - 75%) ensures reliable results
    • System connectivity features increase reliability of results’ handling

    Easy to use

    • 10 μl sample size
    • Flexible testing procedure, as with all QuikRead go tests
    • Extended room temperature storage

    Technical Specifications

    • Use: For in vitro diagnostic use
    • Method: Immunoturbidimetric
    • Sample type: Whole blood, plasma and serum (CRP) Whole blood (Hb)
    • Instrument information: QuikRead go Instrument
    • Time to result: 2 minutes
    • Reading of the result: Instrument read
    • Storage: 2 - 25 ºC
    • Additionally needed 
      • QuikRead go Instrument 133893
      • Capillaries, supplied with this product 
      • Plungers, supplied with this product 
      • QuikRead CRP Control 132702, or Ultrasensitive CRP Control, 132698 and QuikRead go Hb Control, 141154
    Product code: 146255
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