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Ready-Heat Infant Warming Cocoon

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Product code: GIW6C

Ready Heat Infant Warming Cocoon

  • Description
  • The Ready-Heat Disposable Medical/Emergency Heated Blanket has been manufactured using synthetic non-woven fibers. This potentially life saving blanket comes individually sealed in an oxygen free protective poly-bag. When the Poly-bag is opened, the contents of the sealed in heating elements react with the oxygen in the atmosphere and generate heat up to 40°C in 10 minutes and lasts for up to 8 hours. The heat that will be generated will provide sufficient warmth and comfort to the user for several hours. 


    * All Ready-Heat blankets are water repellent and provide UV protection
    * Aids in the prevention of hypothermia in trauma patients
    * Ready-Heat offers a convenient, ready to use blanket that remains warm to 40°C for approximately 6-8 hours
    * Warms to 40°C within 15-20 minutes once opened
    * Maintains temperature for up to 8 hours

    Dimensions: 80 cm x 71 cm

    Product code: GIW6C

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