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Riester diagnostic station ri-former 2 handles 3.5 V/230 V

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Product code: R3650-300

Riester Ri-former 230 V diagnostiikka-asema

  • Riester Ri-former 230 V diagnostiikka-asema
  • Riester Ri-former kahva
  • Description
    • Optimum electronic efficiency by the use of regulating switch.
    • Constant output voltage independent of the mains supply prolongs the service life of the lamps and guarantees optimum light intensity.
    • Automatic switching on/off of handles when removing or replacing them in the handle unit saves energy and increases the service life of the lamps. 
    • The adjusted light intensity setting remains until the next examination.
    • Non-slip, ergonomically designed handles with rheostat: 
    • Infinitely variable regulation of brightness as well as manual switching on/off possible on the handle.
    • Spiral cord expandable up to 3 m.
    • Aesthetic colours to match other Riester products.
    • Easy cleaning and disinfection of the instruments.Instrument heads can be supplied with and without anti-theft security.

    Product code: R3650-300

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