Riester Ri-rap stethoscope, 40 cm

Incl. Tax €74.40

Strong double tube (40cm lenght) with separate sound-conducting pathways for the left and right ears guarantees extra-ordinary audio-conductivity. Available in black and blue.

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy chromium-plated double chest-piece with two membrane sides, Ø 45 mm and 32 mm.
  • Special membranes with surface structure to adapt better to the skin.
  • Both membrane sides can be simply and quickly refitted with the enclosed bells (Ø 33.5 mm, 27.3 mm, 20.3 mm) with the screw connections.
  • 40 cm tube length.
  • Replacement parts box: three bells, each with a transparent membrane, two pairs of replacement ear-tips.

Product codes

R4150-01 Riester Ri-rap, black
R4150-03 Riester Ri-rap, blue

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