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Riester ri-scope Veterinary Operation Otoscope Head, 2.5v, Halogen

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Product code: R10541

Riester ri-scope OP-otoskoopin pää (veterinary)

  • Description
    • Swivel lens with 2.5x magnification
    • Movable speculum holder; can be fixed in any position
    • Open design for unhindered use during examination and operation
    • Bayonet fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle
    • OP otoscope made of metal; speculum holder made of impact-resistant plastic for long service life
    • Fast lamp exchange at the front of the otoscope
    • Halogen illumination (2.5v)
    • Excellent colour rendering close to natural daylight conditions for more efficient diagnosis
    • 2 years warranty

    Product code

    • R10541
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