Riester ri-standard 2,7 V laryngoscope set, adult

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Riester ri-standard 2,7 V laryngoscope set, adults, C-handle + 3 Macintosh blades 2, 3, 4

Riester ri-standard 2.7 V laryngoscope set, adult, C-handle + 3 Macintosh blades 2, 3, 4

Battery handle type C, non-rechargeable

Product code: 7040

  • Handles available with 3.5 V or 2.5 V LED or xenon lamps for bright, white light
    • light performance of LED up to 22,000 Lux
    • light performance of Xenon bulb up to 12,000 Lux
  • High quality fibre bundles
  • Macintosh F.O. and Miller stainless F.O. blades with integrated light conductor for simple intubation and easy to clean
  • Long service life with autoclaving cycles of 134° C for 5 minutes.
  • Special blade design offers excellent visibility of the vocal chords and epiglottis and simplifies insertion of the endotracheal tube
  • Also available as Flex Macintosh F.O. blade with movable distal end
  • Large range of handles for alkaline batteries or rechargeable Li-ion batteries type AA or type C
  • All blades are compatible with handles complying with ISO 7376
  • Hard and soft cases are available for individual combinations of up to five blades and one handle

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