Riester ri-thermo Anti-Theft Extension Module with Wall Support for ri-former

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Product code: R3656-301

Riester ri-thermo Anti-Theft Extension Module with Wall Support for ri-former

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  • The Riester ri-thermo N is fast and convenient. 

    This infrared thermometer measured the body temperature of both children and adults in just a matter of seconds. It can also measure the temperature of surfaces, rooms and liquids - making it very useful not only for practitioners and doctors in hospitals in GP surgeries, but also parents of young children. 

    This thermometer has a measuring accuracy of ± 0.2°C, 32.0~42.2°C and can read a temperature in approximately 1-2 seconds. It also has a measuring range of 0°C up to 100.0°C. 

    The product has a liquid crystal display, with 0.1°C display units, and a memory of up to 12 measurements when retrieving the memory mode. Once switched on it will product one short beep alarm and will display the most recent temperature taken. As the measuring process finishes, there is one long been and if there is a system error or fault, it will product 3 short beeps. 

    After approximately one minute of non-use, the device switches itself off to prevent misuse and can be turned off y holding the start button for 15 seconds.

    The device works best in 5°C to 40°C, and can be stored in -25°C to +55°C. It's battery is one CR2032 BATTERY and this will last up to 1000 measurements, it meets the ASTM E-1965 requirements and is 53g.

    This version is designed and manufactured to work with the Riester ri-former modular diagnostic station, it also features Riesters anti-theft technology.

    Product code

    • R3656-301
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