Riester Ri-Thermo N Professional Tympanic Thermometer

Product code: R1806

Riester Ri-Thermo N Professional Tympanic Thermometer

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    The Riester Ri-Thermo Tympanic Thermometer is ideal for use in hospitals and clinics where quick, accurate measurements are necessary. The Professional Ri-Thermo is capable of measuring temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees celcius or 32 to 212 degrees fahrenheit within 2 seconds. Ri-Thermo Tympanic Thermometers may be used with children and adults and will display up to 12 stored temperatures. The meter can also measure the surface temperature of skin.

    The Riester Ri-Thermo features an acoustic signal to indicate when measurement is complete or if a fever is detected. To limit the consumption of batteries, the Riester is equipped with an automatic off switch which powers down the thermometer 1 minute after the last measurement was taken. Riester Thermometers are clinically validated to ensure correct readings.


    Packed with batteries and Smart dispenser box with 100 probe covers for table or pocket use

    REF: 1806

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