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Riester Rydel-Seiffer Tuning Fork, Steel, c64 Hz / c128 Hz

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Product code: R5175

Riester Rydel-Seiffer äänirauta, teräs

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  • Riester Rydel-Seiffer tuning fork, made of steel

    For neurologists and ear specialists. These practical tuning forks allow examinations to be performed quickly and simply. The tuning fork according to Rydel-Seiffer is an indispensable aid for the neurologist. It permits an unequivocal diagnosis of reduced sensitivity to vibrations, the testing of pallesthesia and the recognition of polyneuropathy

    • Removable clamp, with base, according to Rydel-Seiffer
    • Frequencies: c64 Hz / c128 Hz

    Product code: R5175


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