Rolta Soft - Padding Bandage, 6cm x 3m, 6 pcs/ box

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Product code: RS30-932043

Rolta Soft - Pehmusteside, 6 kpl/ ltk

  • Rolta Soft - Padding Bandage, 6 pcs/ box
  • Rolta Soft - Pehmusteside, 6 kpl/ ltk
  • Description
  • Rolta soft consists of crinkled non-absorbent 100% polyester fibres. It is permeable to air and can be torn manually.

    Rolta soft provides a high cushioning effect, even if subjected to mechanical stress and moisture.

    It can be applied without creases, is conformable, and clings to itself to prevent slipping. Rolta soft is radiolucent and may be sterilised by autoclaving at 121°C.

    • Non-absorbent 100% polyester fibres
    • Air-permeable and can be torn manually
    • Radiolucent and can be sterilised
    • Ideal for padding material under plaster casts, compression bandaging and tubular bandages

    6pcs / box

    Product code: RS30-932043

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