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  1. Prämeta staassi 902N 2-nappi
    Prämeta staassi - vihreä puristusside 902N 2-nappi

    Prämeta staassi. Vihreän värinen puristusside 2-napilla.

    SKU: PRÄ902N
  2. KaWe laryngoskoopin lämminvalopolttimo, kieliin 2-5
    KaWe Vacuum Bulb for Laryngoscope Blades Sizes 00-1
    Vacuum bulb for KaWe WL laryngoscope blades, 2.5V.
    SKU: K12.75141.003
  3. Riester duplex de luxe lasten stetoskooppi
    Riester duplex baby stethoscope

    Riester duplex baby stethoscope provides quality measurements in all frequencies.

    SKU: R4220-01
  4. Kawe Eurolight VET C30 otoskooppi
    KaWe Eurolight VET C30 otoscope 2.5V
    KaWe Eurolight VET C30 otoscope 2.5V
    SKU: K01.11135.001
  5. Riester äänirautasetti, 5 äänirautaa
    Riester Hartmann Tuning Fork Set, 5 Tuning Forks Made of Steel

    Riester Hartmann tuning fork set in plastic case, includes 5 tuning forks made of steel.

    SKU: E5141
  6. Riester Harttmann äänirauta, teräs
    Riester Hartmann Tuning Fork C3 1024 Hz, steel

    Riester Hartmann tuning fork is an excellent device for making a diagnosis, it has been manufactured from high-quality materials and it is commonly used in hospitals and with private practioners. This distinct model is tuned to c3 1024 Hz frequency.

    SKU: R5168
  7. Riester refleksivasara Berliner 20 cm
    Riester Berliner percussion hammer, 20 cm

    The Riester berliner percussion hammer is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and has a rubber semi-circle shaped head. It is 20cm (7.9in) in length. 

    SKU: R5055
  8. Ri-Clar N 55 - LED 6V
    Riester Clar N 55 Headmirror, LED 6V with Batteries
    Riester Clar N – wireless headmirror with high-performance LED produces a white, bright light for a more efficient diagnosis.
    SKU: R6072
  9. Riester Medkit III
    Riester Med-kit III Doctor’s Case
    The first-class equipped doctor’s case Riester Med-kit III offers a full range of high-quality Riester quality products. With this useful companion all important instruments will always be to hand.
    SKU: R5282
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