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  1. NAR Bear Claw suojahanskat
    Black Talon Gloves Kit of 25 pairs

    Black Talon Ultimate Nitrile gloves are made of 100% nitrile material which is free of the allergens found in standard latex gloves. They are engineered to give our users high performance by offering both maximum protection and unsurpassed tactile sensitivity. 

    SKU: ZZ-0215
  2. Barrier-hihasuojus
    Protective sleeve, Barrier, sterile 49 cm, 30 pcs/ box

    Barrier-protective sleeve. Barries family of products has been created to lessen the risk of bacterial and liquid contamination and make daily life in the operating room easier.

    SKU: ML623501
  3. Mesoft- sykeröt
    Mesoft - Non-Woven Sponges, 30g, Size M

    Mesoft swabs and sponges are cost-effective alternatives to traditional cotton gauze. Superior absorption capacity, softness and low fibre release are the main features.

    SKU: ML156860
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