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  1. Braun Infusomat infusion set, 250 cm
    Braun Infusomat infusion set, 250 cm, 1 pcs

    Braun Infusomat infusion set, 250 cm. Sharp piercing spike for easy piercing even of hanging containers. Even drop formation (20 drops=1 ml ± 0,1ml aqua dist.)

    SKU: 8270066SP_tarjous
  2. B.I.G. Bone Injection Gun
    B.I.G. Bone Injection Gun
    The worlds first user friendly IO device. Provides rapid infusion of liquids or drugs through the bone marrow when peripheral veins are not useable.
  3. Infuusiopainemansetti 500 ml
    Pressure Infusor Bag 1000 ml

    PIB-pressure infusor bag has a dual-pressure safety valve that switches between normal and over-pressure mode with a click of a button. Pressurization and deflation can be achieved with one hand. The blunt hook will not puncture the fluid bag and is secure in the event of pressure loss. The rigid hanger design slips easily over IV poles.

    SKU: MK_1000
  4. NAR BOA Puristustava IV-panta
    NAR BOA Constricting Band XL

    The BOA Constricting Band XL provides circumferential pressure on the upper extremities for the purpose of obtaining peripheral venous access. Once the device is applied, it is rolled downward forcing blood into the veins making tehm more visible and palpable.

    SKU: NAR30-0071
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