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  1. Actimove TaloCast-Air nilkkatuki
    Actimove TaloCast-Air Functional hinged knee brace

    Actimove TaloCast-Air stabilises the ankle joint comfortably and securely, supporting rehabilitation and maximum mobility for a quick recovery.

    SKU: BSN7349237
  2. Delta-Xpress lastoitusjärjestelmä
    Delta-Xpress Splinting System Hands and Wrist
    Delta-Xpress is a groundbreaking new splinting system that allows you to immobilize limbs within a fraction of the time needed compared to conventional splints or casts. The prefabricated design is intuitive to use and cuts out many time-consuming steps while still providing a secure and strong immobilization.
    SKU: BSN7271301_tarjous
  3. AKLA Yhdistelmä- ja puristusside, 20cm x 20cm
    AKLA First Aid bandage Combi/Pressure, 20 x 20 cm

    2pcs nonwovendressings 20x20 cm in CELLOSOFT material which is skin-friendly and non-adhesive with a bandage 4 m x 10cm.

    The dressing is sterile with multiple applications. Pressure, hand, finger and covering dressing.

    SKU: AK92502
  4. Multi-Grip Headrest
    Headrest, disposable in various sizes

    Disposable, adjustable MultiGrip headrest. Each package includes head and chin straps individually packed.

    SKU: I-TEC-MG3
  5. SAM Pelvic Sling II
    SAM Pelvic Sling II

    For Stabilisation of Pelvic Fractures with the Correct Force. The SAM Pelvic Sling II was designed not to over-tighten or under-tighten, unlike other commercial binders which allow unlimited force to be applied to the patient. The SAM Pelvic Sling II’s patented Autostop buckle is programmed to stop your pull once the correct compression force has been obtained. This is vital in high stress environments where over-tightening by emergency medical personnel under duress could potentially be extreme and harmful.

    SKU: SL556652_S_tarjous
  6. Boscarol tyhjiölasta jalalle
    Boscarol leg vacuum splint

    Boscarol leg vacuum splint

    Dimensions: about 92X64 cm
    Weight: about 1,7 kg

    SKU: IMM120178
  7.  Stifneck Select Collar, Green
    Stifneck Select Collar, Green

    Stifneck Select Collar, Green

    All the adult Stifnecks in one easily adjustable, fully assembled collar! Just measure the patient, select the size, adjust, and lock-four simple steps! This collar fits all adult patients and delivers the same superior immobilization you expect from Stifneck collars.

    SKU: S980012
  8. Pütter-Flex vähäelastinen kompressiosidos, 1 kpl/ ltk
    Pütter-Flex bi-elastic short-stretch bandage for compression, 10 pcs/ box

    Particularly thin, bi-elastic short-stretch bandages with a lengthwise extensibility of approx. 90 % and additional widthways extensibility. 

    High working pressure with light resting pressure, durable finished bandages providing sustained compression, may be washed at 95 °C and sterilized (by autoclaving at 134 °C).

    10 Rolls in a box


    SKU: PF30-931832
  9. Joustava kierresidos evercare Ideal, 10 cm x 4 m, steriili, 20 kpl/ltk
    Flexible, twist-bandage, Evercare Ideal, 10cm x 4m, Sterile, 20 pcs/box
    Flexible, twist-bandage, Evercare Ideal, 10cm x 4m, Sterile, 20 pcs/box
    SKU: TML4278
  10. Boscarol potilaansiirtoalusta
    Patient Transfer Sheet OB
    Patient Transfer Sheet OB
    SKU: IMM120321
  11. Actimove PowerMotion pohje- ja reisituki
    Actimove PowerMotion Calf and Thigh Support

    Muscle injuries are one of the most common injuries. With the new, patented Actimove® PowerMotion products you can provide supports for injured calf and thigh muscles.

    SKU: BSN7286601
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