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Sharpsafe Sharps Container, 0,6 l with big aperture

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Product code: MK_4150000121

Sharpsafe riskijäteastia 0,6 L

  • Description
  • Sharpsafe risk waste containers are specially desgined for safely handling biting and stabbing waste. The impact-resistant PP-plastic containers meet the standard BS 7320:1990 specified strength requirements, they are UN approved. In addition the products meet with ISO 23907:2012- and ISO 14001 standards.

    * Material: PP
    * Dimensions: 108 x 52 x 224 mm

    Finnish Institute of Occupational Health E-book (In finnish) with the Goverment Decree of Sharp instruments: Teravat_instrumentit

    Product code: MK_4150000121

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