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ShockLink System

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LAERDAL ShokLink System

  • LAERDAL ShokLink System
  • LAERDAL ShokLink System
  • LAERDAL ShokLink System
  • Description
  • ShockLink allows you to connect live defibrillators to training manikins, creating more realistic Basic Life Support training (BLS) and defibrillation training.

    Connect ShockLink to training pads and a standard defibrillator to begin training. The shock energy from a defibrillator is defused in the ShockLink cable. This solution means that you can train on most manikins, removing the need for specialised defibrillator training manikins with chest-studs or a load box to absorb the shock.

    Item includes:

    • ShockLink Device
    • User Guide
    • Defibrillator Training Pads for ShockLink
    • ShockLink Remote Control
    • ShockLink Pouch

    ShockLink can currently connect to a range of defibrillators

    Product code: L185-10050

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