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Cederroth Eye Wash, Pocket Model 235 ml

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Product code: C7221

Cederroth Eye Wash, Pocket Model 235 ml

  • Description
  • A pocket-size personal eye wash bottle that can be kept conveniently in your pocket or the holster that goes with it. This makes it available immediately in the event of an accident.

    Small, easy-to-use bottle with an ergonomic eye cup and a generous flow of fluid. Quick and easy to open. Cederroth Eye Wash is opened using one easy movement.

    Simply twist the bottle to open it!

    Contents: 235 ml sterile buffered isotonic sodium chloride solution without preservatives. For single use.

    Shelf life: 4,5 years.

    Dimensions: 6,6 cm x 16 cm x 4,5 cm

    REF: 7221

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