Stifneck Pedi-Select Extrication Collar

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Product code: S980020

Stifneck Pedi-Select Extrication Collar

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  • Preferred through over 20 years of emergency neck support, the original Laerdal Stifneck extrication collar remains the standard of care for suspected cervical spine injuries. Though there are other collars available, the Laerdal Stifneck is the only collar that always measures up.

    • Outstanding motion restriction without hyperextension
      or limiting access to airway
    • Provides optimal size selection with simple, accurate
      finger-sizing method and color codes
    • Fits entire patient population with four adult sizes
      and two pediatric sizes
    • Easy access for pulse check, advanced airway procedures,
      and visualization through oversized trachea hole
    • Independant, peer-reviewed studies support safety
      and efficacy
    • Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible
    • Latex-free

     Product code: 980020

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