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Streching evercare Selefix -Attachement bandage, 6 cm x 4 m, sterile, 25 pcs/box

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Product code: TML4131

evercare Selefix -kiinnityssidos, 6 cm x 4 m, steriili

  • Description
  • Streching evercare Selefix -Attachement bandage 6cm x 4m.

    • 100% polyester
    • Sterile
    • Can be used several times
    • reinforced burders, white.
    • Soft and pleasant
    • Very flexible
    • Legth 4 m

    For all types of binding, especially around joints and around bodyparts.

    Can also be used as a thin pressure- and compression bandage

    For attaching canula and padding

    Product ID: TML4131

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