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  1. NAR Varustepussi
    NAR Casualty Equipment Bag

    The NAR Casualty Equipment Bag is designed to provide enough space to contain body armor, helmet, primary weapon, night vision and any other personal equipment, allowing the casualty´s items to be quickly bagged and tagged for evacuation.

    SKU: NAR80-0132
  2. Kantolaukku Talon II Kanto-/ Evakuointipaareille, eri värejä
    NAR Litter Carrier Bag, Different colours

    Because the battlefield is challenging enough without the challenge of battling equipment, North American Rescue designed the Litter Carrier Bag to ease the task of litter transport. Moving emergency stretchers to TACEVAC locations now takes less effort than ever.

    SKU: T60-0009
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