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  1. NAR Talon II Model 90C Collapsible Handle Litter
    NAR Talon II Model 90C Collapsible Handle Litter

    The upgraded Talon II 90C is the most versatile and compact evacuation and treatment litter available today! Developed to meet the U.S. Army's requirement to provide urgent casualty evacuation from the battlefield.

    SKU: T60-0002
  2. NAR ORG Rankalauta, oranssi
    NAR Spine Board - Orange

    The NAR Spine Board represents the best in product evolution by providing an extremely thin 1.75-inch (4,45cm) and lightweight 14-pound (6,35kg) long spine board that can carry a 1,100 pound (498,95kg) payload. The open leg triangle integrates with full-length, molded-in runners to offer the rigidity that concave boards lack while keeping the hand-holds off the ground for ease in lifting. Its’ flat patient surface does not aggravate cervical spinal injuries or compromise CPR efforts. The tapered design and molded-in runners facilitate extrication, logrolling and easy lifting. Fabricated with an impervious rotomolded HDPE shell and a subtle surface texture preventing slippage that is also easy to clean and disinfect. The NAR Spine Board’s four interior slots can be used for pediatric strapping options and separate leg strapping.

    SKU: NAR50-0014
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