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MedKit Finland Oy



Our story


The story of our company begins in the United Arab Emirates, where Minna Åman-Toivio and Tuukka Toivio were working during 2003-2007.

Tuukka was utilizing his evac doctor experience by helping launch air ambulance operations in Abu Dhabi, while Minna was a part of founding a brand new international school in Dubai. During these years the Toivio family often had conversations about the latest new emergency medical products; products which Tuukka constantly encountered while working in different locations.

Minna and Tuukka wondered why so many products were only available abroad; why could Finland not offer such broad and comprehensive EMS product selection they had already seen available elsewhere? Moreover, why was the seemingly simple task of purchasing first care products often so ridiculously difficult despite the fact that current technology already allowed for quick and easy web-based shopping for all kinds of products?


MedKit Finland was born


MedKit Finland Oy comprises three key elements of expertise:

- Tuukka's extensive practical experience and knowledge gained not only from several international emergency situations and locations such as the war in Afghanistan, earthquakes in India and tsunami in Thailand, but also from years of medevac and emergency medical operations both in Finland and abroad.

- Minna's understanding and skills in digitalization, education and business management on an international level.

- Anna-Kaisa Kokko's indisputable knowledge of all kinds of emergency medical equipment and products used in the field.

In just a few years, MedKit Finland Oy has grown to be the single biggest importer of emergency medical supplies in Finland. Today MedKit's webstore boasts a constantly growing selection of over 2000 products for medical professionals everywhere. Over 3800 Finnish health care and industrial organizations acquire their emergency medical supplies and safety products from MedKit's one stop shop.

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of MedKit's operations. We serve small health care customers, municipalities, businesses, hospitals, police, sports organizations, The Finnish Border Guard, medical transportation companies and large industrial customers, among others.

More and more customers take advantage of MedKit's superior service to meet all their emergency medical supply needs, saving a significant amount of working hours and money in the process. We can offer a comprehensive selection of products and swift deliveries. And YES, we sell single items. That means no minimum order quantities;  something our customers are still constantly amazed by.

Oh, and every single order is shipped with a sweet surprise inside.


MedKit Finland's path towards becoming Finland's leading emergency medical supply webstore:


2008 MedKit Finland Oy is founded to import and sell emergency medical supplies

2009 The new webstore platform is launched

2010 Expansion. More staff hired.

2011 First steps taken in exporting

2012 Annual turnover exceeds €1,000,000. Importing intensifies

2013 Several big contract wins for supplying emergency medical transportation. Health care legislation changes in Finland.

2014 New paths for growth. More staff hired. MedKit's single vendor model starts to show significant results.