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  1. Haavan maskeeraussarja
    Advanced Military casualty simulation kit
    Advanced Military casualty simulation kit is the one for creating a disaster where application of makeup on multiple casualties creates the widest range of wounds. This kit contains specialty wounds associated with gunshots, like perforations, major avulsions, and complex jaw wounds, and a large supply of makeup components.
    SKU: M9190
  2. Haavan maskeeraussarja
    Xtreme Trauma simulation kit
    Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit contains (12) lifelike look and feel wounds plus all the accessories you need for preparing your victims for training. Wounds can be used on manikins or humans. Many of the wounds can be made to bleed. Wounds are easily cleaned and can be reused many times. Wounds include face, lower arm, chest, eyes, hands, leg, ankle, etc.
    SKU: M9189
  3. Haavan maskeeraussarja
    Basic Casualty simulation kit
    Basic Casualty simulation kit is almost a necessity for any instructor who wants to inject realism and enthusiasm into his basic course. It contains enough material to make up several victims and to test and evaluate a student’s knowledge and technique on each injury simulated.
    SKU: M9188
  4. Haavan maskeeraussarja
    Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
    Multiple casualty simulation kit was designed especially for intermediate and advanced first aid courses. It contains simulations of the most commonly found injuries and teaches students to recognize and treat these wounds.
    SKU: M9187
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