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  1. Laerdal Blood Pressure Training Arm
    Laerdal Blood Pressure Training Arm - A prosthetic arm for practice

    Lifelike, adult arm with an electronic trainer designed for training the procedure of NIBP measurement.

    SKU: MK_375_40501
  2. Ambu Yleisimpien rytmihäiriöiden opas
    Ambu Yleisimpien rytmihäiriöiden opas
    Taskuopas yleisimmistä arytmioista, joka auttaa terveydenhuollon opiskelijoita ja muuta ammattikuntaa tulkitsemaan EKG-käyriä ja tunnistamaan yleisimmät suuntaukset.
  3. SimPad Sounds Trainer
    SimPad Sounds Trainer
    The SimPad Sounds Trainer allows for teaching multiples of students in auscultation and recognition of normal and abnormal heart, lung and bowel sounds.
    SKU: MK_200_20150
  4. SimPad Arrhythmia Trainer
    SimPad Arrhythmia Trainer

    The SimPad Arrhythmia Trainer features an extensive ECG rhythm collection based on the SimMan 3G ECG library. Variations for 3-4 lead rhythm recognition using a clinical monitor.

    SKU: MK_200_20250
  5. AT Kelly Torso
    AT Kelly Torso
    Central venous access and chest decompression training with the added feature of airway management.
    SKU: MK_260_00001
  6. SimPad Blood Pressure Trainer
    SimPad Blood Pressure Trainer
    The SimPad Blood Pressure Training Arm allows for practice of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) measurement. Auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation is possible.
    SKU: MK_375_42050
  7. Osteoporoosin eteneminen -malli koulutuskäyttöön
    Osteoporoosin eteneminen -malli koulutuskäyttöön

    Advanced osteoporosis model. Shows 3 vertebrae: one healthy vertebra, one vertebra with pathological changes at first stage, one vertebra with pathological changes at advanced stage.

    SKU: G40185
  8. Pään ja niskan lihakset -malli koulutuskäyttöön
    Pään ja niskan lihakset -malli koulutuskäyttöön

    This model shows the muscles of the head, neck and superior thoracic region.
    Superficial and deep musculature are well represented, as are the pathways of the subclavian and carotid arteries.

    SKU: G40015
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