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Triage- bracelets

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Product code: TR00181
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  • Description
  • Triage-bracelets makes it easier to organize patients by urgency of the treatment. Available colors: Red, yellow, green and black.

    Color codes

    * Red tags - (immediate) are used to label those who cannot survive without immediate treatment but who have a chance of survival. 
    * Yellow tags - (observation) for those who require observation (and possible later re-triage). Their condition is stable for the moment and, they are not in immediate danger of death. These victims will still need hospital care and would be treated immediately under normal circumstances. 
    * Green tags - (wait) are reserved for the "walking wounded" who will need medical care at some point, after more critical injuries have been treated. 
    * Black tags - (expectant) are used for the deceased and for those whose injuries are so extensive that they will not be able to survive given the care that is available..

    Product code: TR00181

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