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TT Warrior Belt MK III, coyote brown, S-L

Product code: MK_7655_346

TT Warrior Belt MK III varustevyö, coyote brown, S-L

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  • Tilaustuote, kysy toimitusaika. Tilaustuotteilla on rajattu palautusoikeus. Tilaustuotteiden osalta palautusta ennen tulee olla yhteydessä asiakaspalveluumme. Perimme asiakkaalta tilaustuotteen käsittelyn omavastuun riippuen tilaustuotteen arvosta. Omavastuuosuuden voi varmistaa asiakaspalvelustamme tilausta tehdessä.

    Tasmanian Tiger is a German company focused on manufacturing top-of-the-line products for professional and professional use. Highly demanding operating conditions have been taken into account in design, material selection and manufacturing. Wide range of carrier systems and accessories to suit hunters, reservists, bunkers and police and defense forces.

    TT Warrior Belt MK III, coyote brown, S-L.

    The lightweight and highly maneuverable equipment belt is convenient for tasks that work much in squatting or sitting. Drawstring at the back and chest. Front MOLLE mounting system.

    Size: S: 75x10cm / M: 88x10cm / L: 102x10cm
    Weight S: 550g / M: 580g / L: 630g
    Material: CORDURA® 700 den


    Product code: MK_7655_346.

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