Haemostatic Forceps

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  1. Aesculap SUSI Mosquito suonipuristimet, kaarevat, 12.5cm
    Aesculap SUSI HALSTED Mosquito Forceps, 12,5 cm, 20 pcs

    Aesculap SUSI disposable instruments and kits are ready to use, sterile and safe. SUSI instruments are well suited for departments, outpatient clinics, infectious units, ambulances, open health care and home care.
    The products are individually wrapped in sterile tear packages.

    SKU: BH111SU
  2. Kelly Forceps (Curved)
    Kelly Forceps (Curved)
    Forged from corrosion resistant surgical stainless steel for durability. Fully autoclavable. Length 16 cm.
    SKU: M225
  3. EMS PEAN Forceps
    EMS PEAN Forceps
    Length: 14,5 cm.
    SKU: S710004
  4. KaWe PEAN Forceps
    KaWe PEAN Forceps
    KaWE PEAN Forceps, 16 cm or 20 cm.
    SKU: K11.20010.161
4 items
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