Nal von minden tamaVet -quick tests

Nal von minden tamaVet -quick tests

New! TamaVet -products with exclusivity in Finland!

Welcome to Finland, TamaVet and nal von minden! Nal von minden is a German company with over 30 years of experience in "in vitro" -diagnostic products. TamaVet -brand is now for the first time, breaching the finnish markets through the MedKit Finland webshop. Never before seen in Finland, our TamaVet -selection contains all the necessary quick tests for animals, for example Borreliosis Borrelia -quick test and Canine Heartworm -quick test. TamaVet's quality products include quick tests for the most common infectious diseases amongst home- and farm animals.

Do not worry! Our large selection contains quicktests for dogs and quicktests for cats so that your puppies and kitties can be diagnosed as quickly and efficiently as possible. TamaVet only from MedKit webshop!

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