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Virve Viking Holder with Flip-Velcro Fastening

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Product code: V6417852007035

Virve Viking Holder with Flip-Velcro Fastening

  • Virve Viking kannin polettikiinnityksellä THR9
  • Description
  • Virve Viking holder with velcro fastening. Can be mounted on a belt or a loop. The holder has a function which turns off the display of THR880i radio when it is set on the holder. At the same time the speaker of the THR880i turns on automatically. There is a gap in the bottom of the holder for accessory adapters.


    • Easy to detach
    • Fits in many different fire- and ambulance outfits
    • Stays safely in place
    • Available colors: Black, red, neon yellow and olive green.

    Red, neon yellow and olive green are not stock colors, so delivery time is longer than usual.

    Product codes

    00095 Virve viking holster, black
    00095K Virve viking holster, neon yellow
    00095P Virve viking holster, red
    00095V Virve viking holster, Olive green

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