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Water-Jel Ambulance Burn Kit

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Water-Jel Ambulance Burn Kit

  • Description

    Water-Jel Ambulance Burn Kit

    Water-Jel Ambulance Burn Kit is an ambulance package designed for burns. The package includes care products, ranging from small burns to more serious accidents.

    Package includes:

    • 2x Water-Jel dressing (10 x 40 cm)
    • 1x Water-Jel dressing (20 x 55 cm)
    • 1x Water-Jel dressing (20 x 40 cm)
    • 1x Water-Jel face mask for burns
    • 1x Water-Jel burn cover (91 x 76 cm)
    • 4x Water-Jel burn patches (10cm)
    • 1x Scissors

    Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 9 cm

    Additional information:

    • Limits the spread of tissue damage
    • Cools the skin and rejuvenates the tissue
    • Prevents infections
    • Reduces wound size

    The Water-Jel Emergency Palogel is a new fragrance-free clear gel designed for the fire units of hospitals and ambulances. The gel allows quick treatment of burns and prevents destruction of surrounding tissue. Water-Jel removes heat from burns, relieves pain, cools skin and protects against potential infectious agents.



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