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Whitacre Pencil point Spinal Needle 25G, 90mm

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Product code: BD402050

Whitacre Spinaalineula 25G - Pencil point

  • Description
  • Spinaalineula Whitacre Pencil point Needle 25G, length 90 mm, 25 pcs


    BD Whitacre Needles are manufactured with proprietary needle tipping, side-port and unique low-glare hub technologies.

    • Tip designed to spread the dural fibres and help reduce the occurrence of post dural puncture headache1
    • The thin wall design is intended for improved visualization of CSF
    • Distinct “pop” as the pencil point penetrates the dura
    • Pencil point design intended to provide better “tip strength“ to minimize bending or breakage
    • Precision-formed side hole allows / facilitates directional flow of anaesthestic agents
    • Translucent hub for ease of CSF visualization
    • Sterilization method is Ethylene Oxide
    • Sterile, single use
    • CE marked

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