Ileostomy is surgically cut opening to the skin from which a small part of the small intestine is brought out.
Then the contents of the bowel is clean out directly through the stoma.

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  1. NovaLife 1-osainen tyhjennettävä sidos
    NovaLife 1 Open Soft Convex, Box of 10 pcs
    The NovaLife 1 Open Soft Convex is a drainable pouch designed for secure adhesion, discretion, and comfort for people living with a stoma. The Soft Convex skin barrier is a soft and flexible convex barrier designed to give a gentle pressure close to the stoma to help push it into the pouch.
    SKU: MK_981_44
  2. Natura+ 2-osainen tyhjennettävä pussi 550 ml
    Natura Invisiclose+ drainable pouch with Lock-it Pocket, Opaque 550 ml, 10 pcs
    Natura Invisiclose + drainable Two-piece pouch with Lock-it Pocket. Standard opaque Pouch with filter. 550 ml. In different sizes. 10 pcs/ box
    SKU: N416415
  3. Esteem+ tyhjennettävä pussi 60-70mm, 550 ml
    Esteem+ Invisiclose Drainable Pouch with Lock-it Pocket Pre-cut, 550 ml
    Esteem+ One-piece InvisiClose Drainable Pouch with Lock-it Pocket 550 ml Pouch Pre-cut 10 pcs/ box
    SKU: ES416725
  4. Esteem + 1-osainen avennesidos, kuperalla ihonsuojalevyllä, tyhjennettävä, 550 ml
    Esteem + Convex Invisiclose Drainable Pouch with Lock-it Pocket, 550 ml
    Standard Convex opaque with filter, Pre-cut convex. 550ml
    SKU: ES416739
  5. Esteem+ 1-osainen avannesidos tyhjennettävällä pussilla kirkas 780 ml
    Esteem+ One-piece Drainable Pouch, Clear, 780 ml, 10 pcs
    Esteem+ One-piece Drainable Pouch Stomahensive adhesive Capacious Pouch 780 ml with InvisiClose. Cut-to-fit 10 pcs/ box
    SKU: ES416908
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