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Xtract 2 Solution for rapid casualty extraction

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Product code: TP2665

Xtract 2 Loukkaantuneen kuljetus pussi

  • Xtract 2 Loukkaantuneen kuljetus pussi
  • Xtract 2 Loukkaantuneen kuljetus pussi
  • Description
  • Understanding the profile of your casualties through retrospective analysis and appreciation of your environment is key to the Xtract2 meeting your operational needs.

    Light weight and functionally robust

    Weighing less than 1.5kg (3lbs) and fitting into your hand, the Xtract®2 can be carried in your operational equipment and be available at point of injury.

    Allows for rapid casualty extraction

    Innovative textile development allows the Xtract2 to be dragged or lifted and survive the most extreme operational challenges.

    Reduces the risk of secondary injury to both casualty and rescuer

    Securely cocooned within the Xtract2, your casualty gains protection from hypothermia and the aggravation of life threatening injuries. By using best practice in manual handling the Xtract2 reduces the rescuers exposure in hostile locations and manual handling injuries.

    Size packed:

    Lenght 29cm
    Width 14cm
    Weight 1.5kg


    unadjusted 2.3m
    adjusted 1.42m

    Width (Max) 1.1m

    Max weight carried 300kg

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