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Zetuvit - absorbent dressing pad, sterile, 20 x 20 cm, 15 pcs/ box

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Product code: MP30-413703

Zetuvit  - Imevä haavatyyny, steriili, 25 kpl/ ltk

  • Description
  • The dressing pad for the treatment of highly wounds.

    Absorbent, wound-compatible dressing pads with a specially designed absorbent core of soft cellulose fluff blended with a fluid-retaining superabsorber, enclosed in a non-woven fluid distribution layer.

    On the side facing away from the wound, the product features a special water-repellent yet air-permeable non-woven layer for protection against contamination.

    15 pcs/ box

    Product code

    30-413703  20 x 20 cm

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